Radiology Services

Radiology Services include different diagnostic tools and means of investigations that help clinicians and patients to reach an accurate diagnosis and hence prompt effective treatment.


  •  Conventional and contrast studies with computerized radiology, were an x ray machine is used to obtain images of different parts of the body e.g. chest, stomach, kidneys , bones and joints.
  •  Ultrasonography were harmless high frequency sound waves are used to examine many body organs as well as during pregnancy to safely evaluate the fetal well-being at different stages of pregnancy .
  •  Color Doppler examination is the use of ultrasound to examine arteries and veins of the body which help in the assessment of blood flow at different parts e.g. Neck, Brain, upper and lower limbs.
  •  Multi detector CT scan which can obtain images of organs and tissues with great clarity especially the brain, spine, chest and abdomen.
  •  Mammography is a special x ray machine designed to examine the mammary gland and detection of breast cancer. Annual checkup for women aged 40 and  above help in early diagnosis and consequently high chance of complete cure.
  • DEXA scan, which is Bone density measuring that helps in diagnosis of fragile (osteoporotic) bones and avoiding possibility of easy fractures.
  • Portable x ray machine.

Locations offering Radiology Services

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