Message from Founder President

Message from Founder President

Our healthcare division started it’s operations in 2002, as an integrated, health care delivery component of Gulf Medical University (GMU). It is a private teaching institution committed to providing the best possible options for diagnosis of disease and team management of patient care. Our multidisciplinary approach to diagnosis ensures a continuum of safe and high quality care for patients.

The group being one of the largest healthcare providers in the region, has many nationally and internationally recognized healthcare professionals, with sophisticated medical technology made available. Since its inception, our name has emerged as the premier health care organization in the region, offering state-ofthe-art technology and advanced medical and surgical services.

We have worked tirelessly to respond to the changing needs of the communities. The result is a health system that provides some of the most advanced procedures and care available anywhere.The root of our success is open collaboration between leadership, staff, physicians and the community. That spirit of teamwork was established as an integral part of our Group’s culture from the very start and continues to flourish to this day, reaching beyond our hospital walls into the community.

We are strategically planning to build and strengthen services tailored to the needs of our communities.Planning and activity is not limited to direct services. They include the systems, infrastructure and nurturing the culture necessary to support those services. The Hospital’s mission is shaped by the basic value of “Care without compromise.” Our commitment to the integrity, comfort and well-being of the individual, and a ‘conviction that medical education and research are essential to the provision of the highest quality patient care’ is what makes our Hospital’s a “Welcoming and International Standard” institution.

With our present experience in education, healthcare and research we are determined to expand our horizons to various other countries like India, Malaysia and the African continent. We would be glad to establish new hospitals as joint ventures with local partners or on management contracts to explore new regions in providing quality Healthcare.

Dr. Moideen Gorea Director

Founder President

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