International Medical and Health Tourism

International and Medical Tourism  Due to cost effective prices, excellent air connectivity, unmatched expertise and world class treatment combined with health tourism that includes complete health check-up and local sightseeing, shopping (optional), etc., Al Qassimi Hospital, , has become the destination for medical tourism in the UAE. It also offers translators as well as assistance on location, transport and accommodation, if  required.

Al Qassimi Hospital has a dedicated International Patient Services team as well as customer service ambassadors who support local and overseas patients from the point of enquiry through to admission and discharge.

The International Patient Services Department includes a complete scope of services for patients visiting the hospital from outside the UAE. Multilingual staff are available to co-ordinate all aspects of a patient’s stay such as the management of medical consultations and hospital admission, travel and hotel arrangements for patients and their families including an air ambulance depending on the distance and the condition of the patient, assistance in choosing the right doctor, processing of second medical opinions and remote consultations via tele-medicine, if needed. Being one of the best medical travel facilitators in the region, it assists medical tourists to plan their complete medical treatment package.

Over the past few years, the number of medical tourists and international patients visiting Al Qassimi Hospital has increased significantly. Due to the plethora of medical services available to patients, along with the assurance of the highest quality care, there has been a surge in the number of international patients. In order to attract more tourists, Al Qassimi Hospital prepares medical packages that provide patients with all the services and information they need including length of stay, cost estimation, recovery period, etc.

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