Department of Pulmonology

The pulmonology department of GMC hospital deals with patients suffering from: 

  • Coughing, sneezing, fever or sputum production.
  • Dyspnea (shortness of breathing), wheezes.
  • Snoring (abnormal breathing during sleep).
  •  Hemoptysis (coughing of blood).
  •  Chest pain 

Also this department is responsible for handling the patients who suffers from various respiratory disorders such as:

  • Respiratory Tract Infections :-Upper Respiratory Tract Infections, Acute Bronchitis and Pneumonia, Pneumonia in childhood
  • Asthma & COPD and related smoking disorder
  • Occupational and environmental lung disease
  • Sleep disorder (Sleep Apnea Syndromes)
  • Lung cancer Screening

Facilities & Procedures 

  • Spirometry (Lung Function test) 
  • Bronchoscopy :- Fibro Optic Bronchoscopy and Rigid Bronchoscopy Thoracoscopy
  • Plural tapping & biopsy

Locations offering Pulmonology Services

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