Department of Ophthalmology

The Department of Ophthalmology at Al Qassimi Hospital, Sharjah is dedicated to provide the state of the art comprehensive and affordable eye care services in a teaching environment. It uses contemporary equipment for a variety of diagnostic purposes and surgical procedures.


An Ophthalmologist is available on call round the clock for ophthalmic emergency services.

In the outpatient division there are independent examination rooms each of them outfitted with condition of the workmanship robotized projection diagram, opening light, examination seat, aberrant ophthalmoscope, immediate ophthalmoscope, retinoscope and other ophthalmological instruments and lenses utilized for examination reason. A different methodology room houses the condition of the workmanship supplies for mechanized refraction, computerized keratometry, advanced fundus photography, Ultrasonography, Optical Coherence tomography, fluorescein angiography, focimetry and robotized visual field examination.

A separate procedure room houses the state of the art equipment for automated refraction, automated keratometry, digital fundus photography, Ultrasonography, focimetry and automated visual field analysis.

Services Offered

  • Visual acuity testing, automated refractions, prescription of corrective glasses / contact lenses / prisms, color vision tests and tests for stereopsis
  • Comprehensive eye care for a variety of eyelid diseases including surgeries for chalazion, lid pterygium
  • Comprehensive eye care services for ocular conditions including conjunctivitis, corneal / conjunctival foreign body removal, all forms of keratitis (with laboratory support) and uveitis
  • Comprehensive care for patients suffering from glaucoma including diagnostic work up, gonioscopy, intraocular pressure measurement, digital fundus photography for optic disc assessment with image storing and archiving facilities for monitoring glaucoma progression, automated visual field assessment with state of art Octopus visual field analyzer with archiving facilities for monitoring the progression and management of the disease
  • Care for patients with Diabetic Eye Disease including anterior segment and Diabetic Retinopathy assessment. Photoslitlamp for archiving of images. Digital fundus photography for storage and monitoring the progress of Diabetic Retinopathy.
  • For patients with retinal diseases including vascular diseases, macular diseases including macular degenerations, diagnostic services are offered in the hospital.
  • Care for children with squint including the diagnostic work up, refraction under cycloplegic and management
  • Round the clock emergency eye care services including emergency management of eye injuries and trauma including corneal / conjunctival foreign body and chemical injuries to the eye and adnexa. Basic emergency support services are also provided for penetrating and perforating injuries of the eye.

Locations offering Ophthalmology Services

Sharjah Sharjah
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