Department of Family Medicine


The Family is the unit of society; also the family is the unit of care.Illness of any family member makes stress that affects all members of the family.Family Medicine specialty provides physical, social and psychological healthcare that is continuous, comprehensive, coordinated, integrated, competent and compassionate care to both males and females of all ages. .Department of Family Medicine.


Family Medicine is an integrated healthcare targeted to families and is provided by Family physicians (specialists) only.Family Medicine is focused on family behaviors and socio - biological aspects. It also ensures more physicians - patient relationship.

Department Services

General outpatient based services:

  • Consultation of Outpatients and early detection of Hypertension, Diabetes milletus, Thyrotoxicosis, Gout. 
  • Clinical Procedures: Fasting and Random Blood glucose level by Glucometer and measurement of peak expiratory flow rate (PEFR) by Peak flow meter.
  • Teaching and training services for students of the Gulf Medical University.

Special services:

  • General check up for new Undergraduate students for registration in Gulf Medical University.
  • General check up for new Postgraduate students for registration in Gulf Medical University. 
  • Health Check Up. 
  • Health Fitness examination and Fitness certificate
  • Adult vaccination and issue of vaccination certificates 
  • Travelers Medicine issue, advices, vaccinations recommended for travelling to different countries and malaria prophylaxis therapy.


Locations offering Family Medicine Services

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