Department of Clinical Nutrition

Clinical Nutrition Department at GMC Hospital & Research Centre provides comprehensive nutrition services for inpatients and outpatients of all ages, such as nutrition services for diabetes patients (children and adults), as well as gestational diabetes, kidney, cardiac patients and the other diseases. Furthermore the department provides educational lectures for the society to promote nutritional awareness to reduce diseases such as obesity, anemia, diabetes and cardiovascular. The department offers comprehensive nutritional assessment, intervention and education to patients and families of patients admitted to the hospital. Dietitians in our Clinical Nutrition department work to design meal plans that improve or maintain the health of patients whose diets require close monitoring. Nutrition assessments and screening of all patients allow us to create a baseline for good nutritional health. The Clinical Dietitians provide meal plans, monitoring, and follow-up for patients on therapeutic diets, on enteral or parenteral nutrition support. For patients found to be at nutrition risk, dietitians use innovative assessment and evaluation techniques to customize the nutrition care process for each individual. These interventions include: nutrition education, nutrition counseling, and coordination of care and provision of specific nutrition recommendations regarding food and/or nutrients.

The department of clinical nutrition aims to promote individualized medical nutrition therapy in a multidisciplinary approach to provide excellent nutrition care to the patients. 

The Dietetics Section of the department monitors and makes provision for accurate, timely and efficient food service to the in patients. It ensures appropriate compliance to the food safety standards and infection control.

Locations offering Clinical Nutrition Services

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